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Services We Provide

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Project Management

Our 30 years of diverse experience affords us the ability to smoothly guide a project from conception to completion.


We have directed design and construction teams in the successful development of many sophisticated and complicated projects and have met the many challenges they presented by way of restricted urban infill sites, difficult underground and foundation conditions, required site remediation and structural accomodations, varying mechanical/electrical systems, full life safety programs and OBC compliance, interesting exterior envelopes, and access management systems.


We know how to approach the Project and Construction Management process from the Developer’s perspective and are aware of the many complex issues for which precise execution is crucial to the Developer and to the Project Management process to ensure a successful and profitable project.

Construction Management

We are firm believers that much of the success of a project, from development, construction and operational perspectives, is derived from meticulous planning, attention to detail and coordination by the design team, as directed by the Project Manager during the all-important Pre-Construction design stage.


We are able to offer knowledgeable participation during preconstruction as well as throughout the project to completion and closeout. We are tenacious managers who thrive on details.


We are a reputable Tarion registered Builder. Additionally, we have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and will ensure that the project design is energy efficient and minimizes environmental impact. We can also guide a project through the LEED registration and accreditation process.


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Pre-Construction Phase

Ensuring a project’s success starts at the beginning. That’s why we are passionate about meticulous planning, from the smallest details to ongoing coordination of the design team.

  • • Vigorously represent Developer’s interests to all consultants and team members throughout all processes

  • • Provide expertise and recommendations in areas of value engineering, technical review, risk management, and all other aspects

  • • Assess progress at regular intervals and provide any recommendations for corrective action if required

  • • Advise on approval processes with statutory authorities

  • • Prepare detailed design development schedule with milestones throughout Pre-Construction process until proposed construction start date

  • • Coordinate Sales & Marketing program to ensure successful sales launch

  • • Liaise with and pursue all municipal approval bodies on development and construction approvals

  • • Review functionality of project design from all operational perspectives

  • • Manage the preparation of Purchase and Sale Agreements and Condominium Documentation

  • • Oversee effective coordination of design time for preparation of permit, tender, and construction documents

  • • Ongoing value engineering reviews to ensure future workable and cost-effective construction documents

  • • Prepare preliminary budget, schedule and logistics layout for future site operation design

  • • Assist in the sourcing of equipment and materials to satisfy building mandates and achieve maximum construction efficiency

  • • Provide technical assistance and recommend proven construction methods

  • • Set up accounting, reporting and contracts procedures for future construction finance draws

Construction Phase

Our extensive experience, coupled with tracking and reporting systems we have developed in house, allow us to perform whatever project management function you need in a highly professional capacity.

  • • Prepare and track detailed elemental construction budget

  • • Prepare and monitor comprehensive construction schedule

  • • Prepare tender documents, bidder’s list, and solicit contractor quotations for Developer’s review and approval

  • • Facilitate mandated construction contracts, bonds and insurance coverage as required

  • • Prepare Health & Safety Policy and ensure onsite continuous implementation

  • • Establish Quality Assurance program

  • • Constant risk management and implementation of mitigation strategies as required

  • • Conduct regular site inspections to ensure work complies with Developer requirements, contract documents, project schedule, and quality standards (above and beyond on-site supervisor role)

  • • Consistently monitor and advise on progress through a detailed weekly construction report including but not limited to budget, schedule, change requests, tender status, and progress photographs

  • • Review all drawings, samples, change requests, site meeting minutes, site inspection reports and otherwise and note corrections where required for suitability and completeness

  • • Maintain construction payables and accounting reporting processes for essential fund tracking and monthly construction draw.

  • • Prepare all suites for Pre-purchaser-delivery inspections (PPDI) to be carried out by the Developer and construction team prior to Purchaser PDIs

  • • Coordinate purchaser colour and upgrade program, and facilitate the installation of all purchaser upgrades

  • • Ensure that all Bulletin 19 and Tarion requirements are being adhered to

Post Construction Phase

Owner and Purchaser satisfaction is paramount before any project can be finalized. Our team has the expertise and perseverance to ‘get the job done’ efficiently and professionally.

  • • Coordinate Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI) and manage any deficiency and warranty matters that arise per suite

  • • Coordinate, manage, and supervise completion of all project closeout items

  • • Ensure final Bulletin 19 and Tarion documentation has been filed

  • • Coordinate and arrange issuance of all consultant certification and documentation for Substantial Completion

  • • Participate in final Warranty Review and Performance Audit, and supervise completion of any outstanding items with consultant or contractor team members

  • • Assist the Developer in collection and enforcement of any remedial work and contractor warranties required